remote control for model railways
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One of the great advantages we have with Red Arrow is being able to adapt to changes in the model railway world and also to individual customer's requirements.

Here are some examples of what is possible:


Running lights for diesel locomotives

In an attempt to improve the functionality of the Red Arrow control system, and to provide some of the features that are available in DCC, we took a look at loco running lights. Modern model diesel locos have headlights etc fitted as standard, but unfortunately they do not display the correct configuaration at all times, only the manufacturer's default.

Our development enables the exisiting transmitter controller to operate headlights, tail lights and marker lights in a completely realistic way.

More information on the pdf Download



Operation of turnout motors

We have also been investigating how to use Red Arrow for the remote control of points.

This removes the need for a wired control board and simplifies all the wiring under the baseboards.

PDF download to follow



Radio control with Red Arrow

Radio control with Red Arrow has been available for a long time but recent developments in radio receivers and transmitters has made the system more practical, and cost effective.

More information on the pdf Download

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