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There are arguably two main problems associated with operating fine-scale model railways:

derailments and current collection

It is easier to solve the former with the high quality track products that are now on the market, but current collection and precise control of locomotives, particularly at low speeds, remains a problem for many people. RED ARROW has been in existence for over ten years, not only used by modellers but by such notables as Tube Lines (formerly London Underground) on their staff training layout, proving its reliability. We also design and manufacture remote control systems for real (full size) shunting locomotives!

For many small to medium size model railways RED ARROW provides an ideal control system. This is especially true for new models where the layout does not have to be wired in the traditional way.

RED ARROW is suitable for scales of 4mm and larger, the limiting factor being only the insertion of modules and power batteries into the motor unit.

Just think about track wiring, no track cleaning, excellent running on 'rusty' rails!

P4 layout powered by Red


A brief description:

• A programmed infra-red hand held transmitter (similar to a TV control) instructs the selected loco to move, at what speed, and in which direction.

• The infra-red transmitter signal is picked up by a receiver in the motor unit.

• Each loco or motor unit is given a unique code by the operator, ensuring that only the selected one moves on demand.

• The power source is a rechargeable battery.

• Batteries are recharged either on a piece of live track, on or off the layout, or by connecting to a battery charger off layout.

• Smooth running locos fitted with low current motors will run for several hours before recharging is needed.

• Once a loco has been set running it will keep going until the command is changed (i.e. the instruction remains in the loco receiver memory). Therefore another loco can be controlled at the same time.

There are two types of Red Arrow:

INFRA-RED (requirement that the controller/transmitter signal can be ‘seen’ by the loco that is currently being operated)

• Controller - hand held

• Receiver - in loco with the detector, battery, and switch.

Also: infra-red with repeater (improves the transmitter signal so reducing blind spots)

• Hand-held controller with repeater. IR emitters around the layout wired to the repeater

• Receiver - in loco with the detector, battery, and switch

• To order only - please discuss with us

Infra-red transmitter/controller
Receiver for loco/motor unit
Bodmin. An 'O' gauge layout

Come and see RED ARROW working!

Give us a call and we will arrange an appointment for you to see our demonstration model working. (We are a busy small company often working on location so to avoid embarrassment or disappointment please do not turn up unannounced)

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Would you like to try RED ARROW without having to modify your locomotive?


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Here is a link to an interesting organisation in the USA that is also involved with radio control technology, The Dead Rail Society............Link



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